New Android App “Anti”

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an expert hacker? Well I’ve found the solution for you, and it’s a lot easier than you might think. A new android app, created by security researcher Itzhak Avraham, allows the average droid user to hack pretty much whatever he wants. The app’s name is Android Network Toolkit or “Anti”. It provides the user with all the hacking tools penetration testers use except in a simple, automated interface. Hacking local networks, owning remote servers, and things of the like are made easy with this application.

I think this is an incredible invention simply because someone has taken a process that many people know nothing about, and made it so that the average Joe can be a hacker. The bad part about this is the obvious. ANYONE CAN BE A HACKER. This poses a huge problem for people, business and organizations that are concerned with protecting their information. As far as getting through network security, I’m not sure how easy it would be. An unprotected network seems a lot more vulnerable to this application and the people who use it. This app is a revolutionary development in the use of the android platform. However, if it is not controlled people might take advantage of it. Avraham puts a lot of trust in the android users, and believes that people will use his invention responsibly. The reality of this is yet to be seen.



Anti Android app Hacking toolsAnti Android app Hacking tools


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